Do Something New This Year….NO EXCUSES

Well here I am starting a blog. I decided about a year ago that I would, but in classic fashion I did everything under the sun except do it.
Excuses about my inexperience and lack of college tormented my mind and self-doubt took over. Who would even consider reading what I write? I allowed fear to keep me from sharing a majority of what I wrote. In the past the few times I had I was given a look of unbelief….or disbelief. I am not for certain if the reactions I observed were because what I shared was so good they thought I could not have written it, or if they really thought it was terrible. Either way it was yet another excuse for me to withdraw and not do.
I have loved to write since I was a teenager. I first discovered this love in my ninth grade English class. Poor Ms. Stanfield. I gave her so much trouble. Everything I thought came out of my mouth. However the truth is as much as I cut up I really did enjoy the class. The reading and writing assignments led me to want to read and write on my own time-poetry, songs and thoughts just for fun. It was the perfect activity for a little country girl who was rarely allowed out of the house.
We were pretty deep in the country; the boondocks; the sticks; B.F.E. Whatever you want to call it. Even though we were only a mile away from the highway that led into the little town of Luling, Texas which was only a few miles away-as a teenager it felt like I was on another continent.
Writing was the easiest and cheapest form of entertainment I had. I only wish I had approached writing more seriously than as just a form of my own personal entertainment. I wish I had made a point to keep all the things I wrote during those years.
From carelessly not keeping everything organized in one place to simply tossing something out that I deemed uninteresting to others for unfounded reasons conjured up in my own mind…. I do not have much of anything to look back on. However I digress.
Bottom line. I am a writer, and I want to be a great writer. I have no formal training, or degrees. I just know what I have loved to do since I was fourteen. Throughout many periods of writer’s block [a notion I have recently tossed out to eliminate another excuse] I always come right back to it.
Some would probably ask ‘Why not go back to school and pursue writing?’, and that may be something I am able to do at some point, but the common theme in everything I have encountered in my research of this field has been if you want to be a writer-read and just simply write.
I am now seriously trying to find my voice as a writer.
I know life is such a broad topic to have chosen, but I did not want to be put into one category starting out placing limits on myself which could only lead to more excuses. Who knows at some point I may be led in the direction of a particular theme, but while I am still feeling this thing out I want to keep my options open.
So I would like to encourage anyone out there to throw away all excuses and start somewhere. If you are concerned about distractions, roadblocks, or whatever may come your way I am here to tell you GET OVER IT, because there will always be distractions to discourage you.
Just a couple of days ago I came upon what could have been another reason to procrastinate. I had to purchase a new phone due to not enough space on my old one. [I could not have that problem as a writer.] I went in to set up all of my Google accounts and for some reason I could not get back into my Gsuite account that is connected to my WordPress site. After numerous password attempts….nothing.
I contacted the Google Cloud Support team and received an automated message that said it could take up to seven days for them to get back to me. Well I received a message on New Year’s Eve just after 9:00 pm that informed me that I needed to contact WordPress, and I did. They are closed until January 2nd.
Well the old Ang inside me almost took control and said ‘Oh well I guess I will not be able to start like I wanted to on the first of January’….but wait a minute. This is supposed to be a new me right? I am supposed to just be going for it….no excuses….right? Damn Skippy. I went in and changed my contact emails on my Facebook and Instagram pages and decided to carry on with the plan.
I can change all of that back when my Gsuite situation is resolved.
So whatever it is you want to do find a way to make it happen….no excuses.
Look at me. It started with my phone’s space issues leading into the email issue. I am still trying to figure out this WordPress site, and I still have not been able to connect my new Facebook and Instagram pages. On top of that I just barely started this WordPress site and I have no idea how I will pay for next year; my logo is shabby; I do not have a laptop (which would make all of this a lot easier); and I wish I had a better photo, but you know what? I did it! Still quite a few kinks to work out, but I am here.
I just simply want to share what I love to do, and I encourage anyone to do the same. That one idea you have; that one thing you have always wanted to try….make this year the year you put at least some effort into giving it a shot. Even if you cannot immerse yourself into it fully get started in some way. If it is financial hardship that holds you back then research and take notes so when the time comes you are ready. Over the last few years that is exactly what I have done. I have quite a few topics [some completed some uncompleted] that I can now draw from because I knew writing is what I wanted to do. So no matter how small you think it is or how irrelevant to others you tell yourself it may be. If it feels right to you step out on faith as I have and just go for it.
Good luck and Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Do Something New This Year….NO EXCUSES

  1. Wonderful! I am so proud that you moved forward through the adversities you faced with your accounts. I am proud of you for being brave and taking that first step forward, on the day you wanted to do it. I am happy you are now moving into the light and casting away those doubts. Your writing is quite eloquent and I look forward to reading more. Happy New Year and happy new you! Love you friend. Bless, thank you for sharing. You are a force, and you are unstoppable!

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  2. I can’t express just how much this resonates with me. Most of your post paralled mine. Guess what? My first blog post sounded almost similar. I kid you not.


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I am Angela Whitmore, and I love to write, and I cannot think of a better theme than life itself. Yes it is a broad topic, but I want to be free to write about whatever comes to mind whatever I am feeling without being placed into a certain box. Life encompasses so much, and means different things to different people, but whatever it is to any of is real.