Rethinking & Rewriting

I probably chose a couple of the hardest subjects to remain unbiased on. Housing and homelessness. I came across information and found these subjects entail so much I could not condense it down to one single blog post. My research has led me to points I did not even consider discussing and issues I had no clue existed. I am learning a lot and am seeing some things a little differently now.
I originally delivered over a thousand words on these topics thinking I was done, and something in my spirit led me to dig a little deeper, and I am so glad I did. I pretty much scrapped what I first wrote and decided to take a different approach. Please stay tuned for four separate blog posts where I will discuss the things I have learned along with the things I see differently now on the topics of the affordable housing crisis, homelessness, employment, and I will conclude with my own personal experiences and thoughts on the subjects.

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About angwhitmore

I am Angela Whitmore, and I love to write, and I cannot think of a better theme than life itself. Yes it is a broad topic, but I want to be free to write about whatever comes to mind whatever I am feeling without being placed into a certain box. Life encompasses so much, and means different things to different people, but whatever it is to any of is real.