karmaToday I had some thoughts about karma.

Many of us declare how undeserving we are of things that happen to us, but is that really an accurate assessment of our lives?

If we dig deep down into our memory banks is it possible we may find some things that we may have said or done that could open our eyes to how deserving we actually are of the current turmoil we are experiencing?

Choices we made [knowing better] may have set us up for what we are going through.

We like to look at the lives of others and proudly proclaim the statement ‘What goes around comes around’ but how often do we stop and look into our own lives with the same good sense of evaluation or better yet-judgement?

I chose today to do so. In that I had to accept the loss of some things that actually were; well ARE truly dear to me. It is a massive pill to swallow, but it is the only way to truly move forward.

I refuse to wallow in self pity especially for anything I-myself may have caused.

Life in this world hurts like hell sometimes, but if we are consistently cognizant of what we put out into it maybe it would not be so cruel to us. Maybe.

Do not get me wrong. I believe there are some good people in this world that things just happen to that are unexplainable. Adversity falls upon them for various reasons the mind cannot fathom.

However, I think it would be wise not to place ourselves in that category without a stern self evaluation.

I sit here with an apologetic heart for ALL I have placed into this world asking it for forgiveness for my disrespect in all its forms. Will I mess up tomorrow? More than likely.

Perfection is never a requirement. Though truth is. A start is being honest with myself.

I hurt because I have caused hurt. I cry because I have caused others to cry. I have lost because I have caused loss.

With that being said I understand there are things I have to forgive also. First being honest in saying I do not want to.

The human being can be a piece of work sometimes.

I ask the Lord to continuously work on me in that aspect of my life.

A simple yet not so simple challenge for myself.

When I feel wronged think first of what I may have done to help usher that wrong into my life.

I am, and until the day I leave this planet will forever be A Work In Progress.



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About angwhitmore

I am Angela Whitmore, and I love to write, and I cannot think of a better theme than life itself. Yes it is a broad topic, but I want to be free to write about whatever comes to mind whatever I am feeling without being placed into a certain box. Life encompasses so much, and means different things to different people, but whatever it is to any of us....it is real.