Journal: My Writing Journey-Speaking On Other Writers

August 2, 2018

I just recently discovered I can access YouTube at work. Now I do not have to wait until I get home. I can entertain myself by listening to discussions and interviews with published authors while I work. It is helping to move my day along a little more speedily.

I enjoy my job, but it can get a little redundant and if I can’t write during that time I figure Hey why not learn from other writers.

Earlier this week I was listening to a particular author in a discussion. They spoke on another author’s particular work as “bullshit”. Ouch!

Then it hit me. If. No when I am in the position to have my own material published and placed out into the world. What if some of my favorite authors think my work is bullshit?

What could this do to my confidence-my love for writing? I assume I will only know for sure when I am there.

I can sit here right now [boldly] and say I am pretty prepared for that possibility. I will continue to write from my heart and not concern myself with that. I admire many of these people, they are entitled to their opinion, but they are not God. I will not allow such a worry to disturb me.

But who knows. After I put blood sweat and tears into a project, have deeply internalized it, and it is officially “my baby”, how will I feel if someone I admire trashes it? I hope that does not happen, but we will see.

However I will say this. I will not suddenly write off any of their works because they are not fond of mine. I am all too familiar with supporting those who do not support me.

Furthermore, I have not lost any respect for this author for stating their honest opinion. I still love the other authors piece they consider to be bullshit. It does make me look at it in a different way. Not a bad way at all.

The comment actually made me remove the gloss from my eyes that was beginning to form because of this author.

I am a questioner, but with this author I was not and that is not good. So although I do not totally agree with that author I am thankful for the tag of ‘bullshit’ on the work because it brought me back to reality.

I was subconsciously placing a can do no wrong label on this author and I am glad I was brought out of this realm of irresponsible thinking I was slowly seeping into.

No respect lost for either author, and a great lesson was learned. Some would probably say it is wrong to talk about another author’s work in such a way, but I presume it is all about how you choose to view the situation.

I am curious to find out what others think of speaking on other works. Do you? How blunt are you about it? Do you think it is a good or bad idea? Why? Would love to read your thoughts.



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