Journal: My Writing Journey-Change







July 18, 2018

Alter, adjust, transition, modify, revise, refine.  

For a long time I have understood that changes will come, and over the years each time they do I learn new ways to adapt. I have had no choice. I have learned that planned changes can be just as stressful, but I have learned to adjust in those situations as well.

These days my life is full of changes. Some prepared for-some not.

Sometimes planning does not matter. If an unexpected change is coming it is not going to consult you about your ‘to do’ list before it happens.

Large things aside. It amazes me how the smallest things can reroute you while on your journey to a destination. What is even more amazing is how sometimes the destination itself changes.

With my writing I am constantly changing my ideas on what I want to do with it.

I feel it is early enough in this journey where too many aren’t paying enough attention so I can comfortably play around with it all.

As the days go by I am getting more comfortable with change. I guess I have had enough practice to accept it as a routine within itself. So I expect it. Now in a lot of cases I not only welcome it-I pursue it.

Starting a blog with a host of topics I have jotted down over the years that I have yet to touch. A blog page that I am considering revamping a little because I am seeing some things differently. More change.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is change is not all that bad. Even though I cannot see it immediately it ends up being great.

Accepting it for what it is has been a key factor in getting through it.

Unexpected change is scary but you will never grow doing the same things over and over again. How boring would that be?

Change keeps me on my toes. I can never fully prepare for anything especially the unexpected. However I do understand preparation to the best of my ability makes any change easier to deal with.

Physically being prepared is great, but being mentally prepared is a key necessity in working my way through it.

I am now doing everything I know how to do in order to stay ready while researching new ways to stay ahead of the game.

It took me awhile to get here, but I am now living the repeated statement. Stay ready so you ain’t got to get ready.

I am a list maker and a scheduler. To physically prepare I write out and create schedules for tasks I need and want to do. I approach them starting with the easiest or the hardest depending on my mood and the level of motivation I have for that day.

It helps me to see the entire picture to have a visual of what has to be done.

My mental preparation is fairly simple. I look over this visual in a realistic fashion with an understanding that I may not be able to get it all done when I want to. At the same time I do my best to maintain a mindset that anything can change my well thought-out plan.

What are some ways you mentally and physically prepare for change? I would love to read your thoughts.