Journal: My Writing Journey-I Just Love To Write

May 30, 2018

Why do I love to write? I dare not bore you with any cliches. I just simply love it. There is something about putting words to paper (or if we are speaking of computers-words to Word doc) that is satisfying to me. It is a stress reliever. My happy place if you will.

I enjoy the process of gathering information and documenting my thoughts on it. Reading, thinking on what I have read, and writing about it is my idea of a good time. I am pretty sure it is what keeps me sane, and creating a schedule for it is one of the best decisions I have made. It is helping me to hold myself accountable and I am happy to be committed to it.

It can be a little bit of work, but that is a joy for me. It is a way for me to get my thoughts out and now that I have started sharing (although it is still a little scary at times) it is even more relieving each time I do.

Writing is the one place where I have total control. No one is in charge of what I put down on paper and I do not have to share it if I do not want to. If I do decide to share and someone does not agree or just simply does not like how or what I say I still have control, because my thoughts are just that. My thoughts.

I have never been afraid to say what I think, but these days especially I love writing far more than speaking.

I have gone through a couple of phases of speaking my mind. From a child who was coined by my fifth grade teacher as Mouth of the South to Facebook venter. Now that I am a blogger, am getting more comfortable with calling myself a writer, and an aspiring author it doesn’t feel like a phase.

Yes I was a loud mouth as a child, and yes I was the avid Facebook venter not so long ago. Now I have decided to redirect all of that energy.

Sounding off in what could come off as a fit of rage over the latest worldly affairs is not the reputation of an almost forty year old woman I am trying to present.

I decided to chill on that and express my thoughts in a much more organized format. I do not mind sharing my thoughts, but as a grown woman I felt it was time to create a more intelligent platform for myself. No shade to anyone who goes off on social media every once in awhile. This world will drive you crazy so trust me I get it. Sometimes you need to get it out and if a social media post is all you have I say go for it. It’s just simply not the direction I’m trying to go in. Quite frankly I don’t think I have the energy for all of that anymore. I have the tools to do it a little differently so I am using them.

I have come along a little ways, but this part of my life is just beginning and I am excited to see where this journey takes me.