Journal: My Writing Journey-New Beginnings

June 6, 2018

I am getting closer to conquering this schedule I have created. Today I move into a new place and even though I do not have my library/office to work in I have the space to create a little quiet corner for reading and writing. That is a start and it is so exciting to me. I now have a chance to read, write, work on the ideas I have, and focus on them thoroughly.

I dare not ignore or disrespect my other responsibilities that will require just as much if not more attention. My brain will be on overload and I pray for the strength to be able to handle it all.

I am now in a mindset to do and I completely understand trouble is always lurking so I am keeping my eyes open. I have learned to focus on the positive while respecting the natural order of things. There will always be some negativity just around the corner especially when things are going good. It’s scary, but hey-that’s balance, and it will definitely keep me grounded.

My husband will be away for a little while so I  will be left to lead these ranks on my own. I will write about that in more detail at a later date. I have a lot to do, build, and sustain on my own, but with the guidance of the Lord I will be okay.

I have plenty of positive things to focus on to give balance to the negativity that is waiting to creep in.

Our oldest son is graduating high school today and our youngest is finishing his freshman year strong. We are so proud of them. We have had a rough few years as a family and they have handled it with their heads up and chests out like true soldiers. We could not have asked for two better young men. We are blessed to be their parents. Although we have more issues to deal with I am in a better place now to lead my family while my husband is gone. I believe this was the Lord’s plan to get me in order.

I have a deeper understanding of the purpose of adversity these days so I continue to pray and look to the only true provider I have had throughout my life. I look back and can see each time He’s been there when my head was all over the place protecting me when I thought I had no one. He’s never left me.

This statement has been uttered so much it probably sounds like a cliche, but I know He didn’t bring me this far to leave me. He is all I have and I am leaning on Him to get me through this time.

I believe writing will help keep me focused, my head clear, and my emotions in check. I am in a right now, no other choice type of situation so I need all the strength I can find, and I know I  have that in the Lord and I am grateful for this gift He has placed in me.