Journal: My Writing Journey-Tired, But Making It Happen

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July 11, 2018

Damn! I am tired! I’m running around like crazy.

Taking care of the home: still trying to organize and get everything into a nice and neat place so that we have some order. I’m about halfway done separating wants from unwanted items while making a little list of things I will need to work hard for to complete my vision.

Items not only to help us remain organized, but items to give a little more life to the place. Y’all we just begging for some color off up in here.

It would probably be a pain to most, but to me it is fun. Organizing, and purging as needed. It’s an added bonus when you come across things you forgot you had that you can still use.

On top of organizing my home I am paying close attention to budgeting to make sure I can hold all of this together. That can be a chore within itself, but worth it in the end.

Working: Putting out awesome numbers with little to no errors is the name of the game. All with a million and two things on my mind throughout the day, but I make it happen.

Trying to arrange my breaks around my husband’s phone calls is probably the most challenging thing I have during my work day so I can’t really complain.

Even though the commute to and fro can be a little crowded it isn’t too bad-most days anyway. Even getting up at the crack of dawn isn’t so bad. Especially when I prepare well enough the night before.

But honestly. As bad as it is not. I have no desire to work for someone else’s bottom line for the rest of my working life which is why my ‘Loves’ outside of work are so important to me.

Staying on top of my writing, and researching my other ventures: I am doing pretty well at writing a majority of the time. I am pretty close to writing something each and every day and I am happy about that. Unless I am absolutely exhausted or unusually busy I now make sure it is done at some point during the day.

Considering everything in my life right now that I can write about-I really have no excuse not to write. I think that is also making it easier to do on a daily basis.

I still want more time for my other interests but I won’t push myself. I will as the hubby says “Take it as it comes”.

This last year has been adjustment after adjustment. Ups and downs and a roller coaster ride so intense your head would spin.

Still things to worry about. Still things to stress about. Life. It is most definitely real.

But you know what? As tired as I am-I am loving it! I can now say I am tired with a purpose.

Last year when I decided I would launch this blog I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was I wanted to write and I was determined to make it happen. Wow, and here I am. Making it happen.