Journal: My Writing Journey-Writing Through The Clutter

June 13, 2018

We are all moved in. It took us three days and there is stuff everywhere. It’s going to take a few weeks to get everything in its place, and it will be a relief when it is all done.

My motivation is the vision I have for my own personal space. I could easily use ‘my space not being ready’ as an excuse to put off writing, but I will not even allow that type of thinking right now. In the midst of all of this clutter I am still doing it. Boxes on top of boxes and no organization whatsoever, but as I stated in my very first blog post NO EXCUSES.

I will organize when I can; keep my writing and personal schedules to the best of my ability; and rest when my body tells me to do so. The last few days I have been forced into a late evening nap. I am sure it is just my mind and body adjusting to the changes. It has already been quite the process. I cannot remember the last time I was this tired, but I have goals to achieve so I have to keep pushing forward. No excuses.

This will be the first week I have had in a couple to get in some good reading. The current book I am reading “Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey” was put on hold, but hopefully I will be able to keep the scheduled time to delve back into it.

I recently decided that I will begin to take notes on the books I am reading. Nothing major. Just little notes on things that stand out to me. Things to remember that I want to find easily if I need to refer back to them. I believe this is coming from the urge I have been getting to return to college.

It does not bother me that I am almost forty and have finally decided I want to do this. The issue for me is finding the time to do it, and choosing the right school. So I asked myself a few questions.

Online sounds great, but for writing? As skeptical as I am online is what is the most convenient for me so I have to do some research on that. On a campus sounds even better, but will I really have the energy to go sit in a classroom after working 8 hours a day? Do I really want to go to school for something some may think is a pipe dream? Hell I’m tired now. What will I be if I take on something else?

I still believe a writer should just write. Absolutely! This is just a little something I want under my belt for personal reasons.

Whatever the answers are I will find them. I know one thing for sure. I am out of the excuse game. I am focused on my goals and working a little harder through being tired will all be worth it in the end.