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The homeless. At first sight are seen as dirty; unkempt; those who beg for change and/or food; and according to some just simply a nuisance. Some of those labels mentioned are exactly what is seen on the surface, but do we care enough to fathom that sometimes homelessness is derived from deeper issues than what […]

I probably chose a couple of the hardest subjects to remain unbiased on. Housing and homelessness. I came across information and found these subjects entail so much I could not condense it down to one single blog post. My research has led me to points I did not even consider discussing and issues I had […]

Well here I am starting a blog. I decided about a year ago that I would, but in classic fashion I did everything under the sun except do it. Excuses about my inexperience and lack of college tormented my mind and self-doubt took over. Who would even consider reading what I write? I allowed fear […]